About this journal

Global Psychiatry Archives is a self-published, peer-reviewed scientific psychiatric journal that aims to advance global mental health by making relevant scientific psychiatric knowledge easily accessible to all, i.e., mental health professionals, patients, families, and relatives from countries throughout the globe.

We publish in English, bi-annually (two issues per year). The journal is self-published giving independence to the editorial board to focus on the best scientific publications.

We accept original papers, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case-reports, global perspectives, and editorials in English language on general, biological, social and clinical psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatric epidemiology, global mental health issues, neuroscience and related fields relevant to psychiatry and global mental disorders.

We particularly want to support researchers and authors from the developing economies as well as from communities that don't have robust healthcare systems or where medical funding for research is unavailable.

We support and mentor new and young authors from across the globe to publish their research, especially on currently ­­­­­­neglected areas of mental health care. Some of the most downloaded papers have been written by medical students, junior doctors, and young clinical psychologists.

We are also keen to document the current and recent psychiatric history for future generations. We therefore published several articles on the personal histories of psychiatry as lived and experienced by eminent and young psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

Global Psychiatry Archives was founded in 2018 by Professor Reinhard Heun and colleagues (see editorial board) as a new online open-access journal with the aim to advance global mental health by making relevant scientific knowledge easily accessible to all.

We believe that all sub-specialities of psychiatry and mental healthcare have a global common ground and we can learn from each other. A journal with a global approach can benefit all readers who are mental health practitioners, professionals, carers and ultimately their patients.  

Publishing a first paper is not easy, but being in touch with mental health research is a characteristic and necessity of good clinical practice. We therefore endeavour to help authors from across the world to publish their research, especially on neglected areas of mental health. We help them with careful and supportive reviews of their submitted papers and if need be, with personal mentoring.

Publishing in psychiatry and mental health should be affordable to all potential authors independently of where they live or come from to allow research from all countries to reach the global readership and to contribute to the relevant development of psychiatry and mental health care. We keep the article processing charge low (currently £300 for published manuscripts, no other cost) and offer generous full or partial waivers for those in need. Publication will only depend on the quality of the manuscript, not the ability to pay.

The journal is a self-financed, open-access online journal. Article-processing charges are the only income of the journal to fund the editorial systems, hosting, manuscript handling, copyediting, language editing, proofreading, typesetting, plagiarism checks, indexing costs and other essential services. 

Global Psychiatry Archives is self-published which gives the editorial board the maximum of independence in publishing the best papers independent from the restrictions and bureaucracies of national and international organisations. Global Psychiatry Archives is owned by Reinickendorf Ltd, a company limited by shares, main shareholder Professor Reinhard Heun (registered office address is 780 Crow Road, Glasgow, UK). Reinickendorf Ltd has no influence on the governance of the journal which is self-published by the editorial board. This should allow the journal the maximum of editorial freedom.

The members of the editorial board not only have an immense amount of psychiatric and mental health knowledge necessary for the editing of psychiatric papers but also have a wide knowledge of managing and running psychiatric organisations including their journals, please see the editorial board on our website.