Global Psychiatry Archives aims to advance global mental health by making relevant scientific knowledge accessible to all. We help authors from across the world publish their research, especially on neglected areas of mental health. We help them with careful and supportive reviews of their submitted papers.

We particularly want to enable new researchers and authors from developing economies, from communities that don't have robust state-funded or private healthcare systems or where medical funding for research is unavailable.

Global Psychiatry is an open-access journal that publishes original scientific articles, systematic reviews and meta-analyses using single-blind peer reviews (when the reviewer is anonymous to the author). We believe that all sub-specialities of psychiatry and mental healthcare have a global common ground and we can learn from each other. A journal with a global approach can benefit all mental health practitioners, professionals, carers and most importantly patients.  

Publishing a first paper is not easy, but being in touch with mental health research is a characteristic of good practice. The journal has an article processing fee of £300 but no article submission charges. This cost covers manuscript handling, copyediting, proofreading, typesetting, hosting and other essential services. 

Examples of issues we covered recently include:

  • Suicidal behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in Iraq.
  • The perceived stigma associated with COVID-19: Findings from a community survey in India.
  • Women with schizophrenia in Kosovo: a cross-sectional study.
  • Association of social stigma of COVID-19 with work satisfaction, burnout, and fatigue among healthcare workers in Nepal.
  • Severity of depression, anxiety and stress among the people of Kashmir, India during COVID-19: An observation from telepsychiatric services.
  • Cognitive deficits four decades after traumatic brain injury in Australian Vietnam war veterans.

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