Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University, Koya KOY45, Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq


This article presents a personal reflection on the journey of a junior researcher in the field of mental health and psychiatry from the initial spark of curiosity to make a significant impact in his field. It highlights key factors that contributed to the researcher’s success, including mentorship, persistence, and willingness to learn from failure. The article also explores the challenges faced by the researcher, such as lack of resources. The article concludes with recommendations for aspiring young and mid-career researchers to follow in the footsteps of the author. The present article is organised chronologically and spans the period from childhood research curiosity to the current position as a researcher in the field of psychiatry and mental health. The article is divided into 12 main sections: fundamental research curiosities, interest in mental health research, learning from literature, the status of mental health research in Iraq, why should it matter that we invest in mental health research in Iraq, first publication, making connections to help, challenges, rewards, strategies for success, advice for researchers, and future directions.
The hope is that this personal journey inspires and informs others with a similar enthusiasm for research and studies in mental health.


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