Document Type : Systematic review


Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University, Koya KOY45, Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq


Background and objectives: Yazidi people are a minority group of Kurds that frequently lives in the Sinjar district in Iraq. The Yazidis have been persecuted for centuries, including the most recent ISIS violence, genocide, enslavement, and forced migration, all of which had a significant impact on their mental health. The purpose of this systematic review is to examine mental and psychological health problems among Yazidi children and adolescents following the ISIS invasion of Iraq and Syria in 2014.
Methods: The PRISMA protocol was used to conduct a systematic review of the literature. Using related keywords, 182 publications were identified on PubMed and Google Scholar. Finally, 5 full articles were included for data extraction. Inclusion criteria were English papers that studied Yazidi mental and psychiatric disorders in Yazidi children and adolescents, regardless of date or gender. However, research on Yazidi adult mental health and general physical health and brief reports were excluded.
Results: The initial search result found 182 articles; 83 were evaluated for eligibility, with 5 studies meeting full eligibility criteria and being included in the current systematic review. According to the results, Yazidi children and adolescents have suffered from a variety of mental and psychological disorders as a result of the recent traumatic events, which mostly occurred after the ISIS invasion in 2014. The most prevalent are posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, anxiety, and other mental and psychiatric problems.
Conclusion: Yazidi children and adolescents experienced serious traumatic events, including war trauma, as well as substantial migration and resettlement-related stress. These exposures increased the risk of developing mental health problems, including depression, PTSD, anxieties, and behavioral and comorbid mental and psychological problems which are prevalent among them.


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